On June 20th, In the video below, Will Ferrell surprised college student Samantha Watts who currently attends Ithaca College.

The Today Show sponsored with Warner Bros and “The House Movie tuition contest” and received over 2,000 entries for students who needed help to pay for college tuition. Hoda Kotb from The Today Show called Samantha Watts to join her live on the show where Samantha stated:

“I love my school, and I love everything that I do there,” she said. “But my dad actually is just recovered from cancer, from esophageal cancer, and a lot of our money had to go toward that last year. So we’re kind of dependent on scholarships and loans right now, and so it would be life changing for me.”

It was after that Hoda Kotb annouced to Samantha that she wasn’t just a finalist but the recipient of the contest, then Will Ferrell came out and surprised her in front of her parents presenting the $100,000 check from Warner Bros. (In Will Ferrell’s most recent film, The House, he turned his home into a casino to pay for his child’s college education) A perfect person to present this amazing surprise to.

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Samantha’s parents came out to celebrate her win and the video is heartwarming as you can see the joy in Hoda Kotb’s eyes and Will Ferrell and especially the emotion that came from Samantha.

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