Last I checked NFL players were all teammates Not inmates. Last I checked when you knelt it was to pray for something or someone. Kneeling was to give a sign on humility and to submit. The definition of kneeling is to show submission. Kneeling is what a soldier does when they pay their respects to a beloved fallen soldier or a loved one. We also kneel at the graveside of our loved ones when we visit. In an uncompromising situation when a person has a gun in their hands, first thing said is “Get on your knees! Get on the floor!” and so we kneel when commanded to for fear of our life. Kneeling has been an act of submission, a sign of respect, or a sign of fear in many ways. I believe in the reason why the act of kneeling has become important for what is stands for against police brutality. But kneeling gives mixed signals. Is it right to kneel to a flag that one cannot support? If we kneel does it show an act of submission instead of strength and opposition? Does kneeling show that we respect the flag or fear it? If we are standing up for rights then why kneel? Everytime I have knelt it has never been to fight back. Why do I feel weak and like I’m bowing down when I kneel? I will agree on the fact that it’s the act of kneeling that raises the awareness and makes a statement. Can we stand and not sing the national anthem? Would that still show I am in support of equality and against police brutality? What act can I do to support those that did fight for our country, for the good cops and not the bad? Can we hold arms crossed while standing and look away from the flag to make a statement? I feel that any act or statement that is made can be just, because it’s for the same purpose. What if you just don’t show up to the game? Why go out of your way to show up to a game, kneel but then still play? Why watch it or support it? I have many more questions than I do answers or know what’s right, but what I do agree with is that it’s about time we all stand up or kneel for humanity. We should stand or kneel for the good of people. If we’re supposed to sit then stand, run then walk, kneel then jump, silence then scream, cry then laugh, maybe I should do the exact opposite of whatever it takes to bring attention to what’s going on in our world. Even if it’s out of my comfort zone. As a human race we need to come together. The act of kneeling has given rise and attention to a bigger important issue. Ironically, kneeling has caused others to take a stand for what is right. It has given the unheard a voice without having to speak. An act so powerful in numbers it screams for equality and an end to police brutality and a fight for justice and fairness for once and for all.