The Calvin Johnson Jr. Foundation is a non-profit founded by retired Pro NFL wide receiver Calvin “Megatron” Johnson Jr. who played for the Detroit Lions. With the motto of “Catching Dreams” CJJRF works closely with at-risk youth providing programs to educate, train and mentoring them to become mature productive members of society.

Their mission is “To change the mindset of youth from struggle to survival, from poor self-esteem to excitement of life, from dependent thinking to goal setting self-sufficiency, and from hopelessness to empowerment”

The foundation also provides scholarship awards, free football training camps with professional NFL athletes and other professionals. Whether its feeding the homeless, raising awareness, sponsoring children to go to school and cover all costs in Haiti, sending care packages and gifts for the holidays, CJJRF are finding ways to improve the qualify of life for these youth.

According to their website, they also have the Dr. Arica Johnson “STEM” Mini Grant, which awards financial support to K-12 teachers to enhance innovative instruction in the areas of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math).

CJJRF is another outstanding non-profit rebuilding, educating, restoring at-risk youth providing them hope for a better future. You can help support by CLICKING HERE to donate!

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