Inspired to write a song after the tragic Las Vegas shootings, Sheryl Crow was presented with an opportunity to work with the Sandy Hook Promise. The song titled “The Dreaming Kind” is dedicated to all the families hit with the tragedy during the Sandy Hook shootings and is about what they went through. This year marks the fifth year anniversary when 20 students and 6 adult staff members became victims by gun violence. Download the song by CLICKING HERE! Proceeds go to the Sandy Hook Promise which helps promote an end to gun violence.

“The tragedy in Newtown 5 years ago and the countless lives lost in mass shootings since have weighed heavily on my heart. I felt compelled to write “The Dreaming Kind” for the incredible people at Sandy Hook Promise who work so hard every day to combat gun violence. The extraordinary work this organization does to educate and protect our nation from further bloodshed gives me hope for a better tomorrow. I hope this song will inspire the same feeling in those who hear it.” – Sheryl Crow


We all have experienced gun violence, either by social media and news outlets, personally know someone who has dealt with a loss of a loved one or have dealt with a loss ourselves. Don’t Stop The Talk loves it when a celebrity like Sheryl Crow uses her talents to contribute towards a great cause like Sandy Hook Promise.

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