Stranger Things actor Sean Astin founded the non-profit organization RUN3rd Alliance, a hashtag twitter campaign and global movement sharing dedications made on behalf of people’s loved ones, causes and ideas.

“I didn’t know who or what I wanted to run for, so I came up with the hashtag #run3rd,” Astin told Runner’s World over the phone. “The reason it’s Run3rd is I run first for myself. I run second for my family, and I run third for you. While running is in may ways about solitude, it costs nothing to make a simple dedication, to say these steps I am taking are not my own. Now hashtags are ubiquitous but, at the time, it still took 20 minutes to explain to somebody what they were.” – Sean Astin

The 47 year old actor has stated previously he’s ran for over 30 years. An avid runner and activist, Mr. Astin began RUN3rd Alliance in 2012 and has grown it into the global twitter campaign that it is, bringing runners and walkers around the world together. Run3rd has also grown into a 5k running program in 13 schools and 3 states. The inspiration to establishing a school program came after a meeting with Mindy Przeor, a Physical Education teacher in Mesa, AZ.

You can find Sean Astin actively engaged on his Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts spreading awareness about his afterschool running programs which also allow sign ups for a virtual run. In the past Sean Astin has gone live announcing autographed Stranger Things posters for those that have donated to RUN3rd Alliance.

Don’t Stop The Talk loves it when a celebrity like Sean Astin uses their platform for the good of others that leave lasting impacts with people. A cause that began from the hear, used to spread good.