Retired NBA great and current NBA Analyst for Atlanta based TNT program Inside the NBA, Shaquille O’Neal heard a story about two young girls attacked by a dog. On January 17th, 5 year old survivor Syari Sanders and her 6 year old friend Logan Braatz, were attacked by two dogs walking to a school bus stop in Atlanta. Logan unfortunately passed from his injuries. Shaquille O’Neal not only stayed in touch during the girls recovery but he reached out to the young girls family after her release from the hospital and invited them to Rooms To Go furniture store where he gifted them brand new furnishings for their home. According to video footage from FOX 5 Atlanta, Syari’s father said about Mr. O’Neal:
“He stayed in contact every day, he made sure she was alright, he came around, even now, he didn’t want to get on the camera because he didn’t want to do it for the news. But, yeah, he’s a great man to me,”
Looks like Shaquille O’Neal is supporting his Atlanta home and it makes me happy to see how he genuinely really cares for little Syari. In the FOX 5 video, you can see him picking her up and holding her while quickly giving her a small kiss and whispering “I love you” as her gently places her back down. Such a sweet tender moment coming from such a big guy.