It all started back in 2007 when LeAnn Boudwine, a mother from Wisconsin was sending care packages to her sons who were in the military overseas, when they told her that there were soldiers who did not receive any mail. This inspired her to send care packages to more soldiers and that is how Support The Troops WI was founded. To date they have shipped over 11,000 care packages and have grown from operating out of her home to a storefront with volunteers. Living by the slogan “they’re still there, we still care,” LeAnn Boudwine has created her own mission to make sure soldiers know they are not forgotten.

We can go about our day and not realize that there are many soldiers out there daily who do not have families with the ability to send them care packages. Most soldiers usually share the care packages received and there are still many soldiers who go without any packages. Support The Troops WI has created a way to make you feel as if you are adopting a soldier overseas. To donate CLICK HERE!

Don’t Stop The Talk loves to spread awareness for non-profits like Support The Troops WI. Doing what they can to show soldiers they are not alone, they are appreciated and thought about and the least we can do for them is donate, volunteer or send a care package.

Remember, whenever you are out there in the world and hear positive news and good gossip, Don’t Stop The Talk!