Dogs on Deployment (DoD) is a non-profit designed to assist military members, active duty, reservists, guard, honorably discharged veterans and their families in keeping their pets by providing boarding services for their pets, alleviating the decision for pet relinquishment. Boarding services are not just for dogs, they aid pets of all types. With the goal of having boarders within 50 miles of all major U.S. military bases, DoD aims to keep pet owners connected with boarders in close proximity providing the opportunity to visit their pet. In addition,they offer resources and financial services for pet care emergencies and promoting healthy pet lifestyles.

Founded in 2011 by Shawn and Alisa Johnson, who serve in the US Navy and US Marine Corps. During a time when the Johnson’s both had to serve active duty, they went through a stressful experience looking for a place to board their dog, thankfully they had a family member willing to board. It was that experience and understanding the great need and conflicts that arise when other military members are felt forced to take their pet to a shelter, that gave Shawn and Alisa the inspiration for DoD. CLICK HERE to find out more about Dogs on Deployment!

If you live near a U.S. military base, have the space, love animals and would like to support/donate CLICK HERE!

Don’t Stop The Talk loves it when stories like Shawn and Alisa’s inspire others to give back and find a way to serve military members who are actively serving our country.

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