NBA player Russell Westbrook of The Oklahoma City Thunder is giving back. Inspiring kids to ask “Why Not?” when they are told they cannot do something. This message stems from Russell and his brothers childhood by being taught to always ask, “why not?” Growing up with these two words instilled, Russell Westbrook established The Russell Westbrook Why Not? Foundation. This foundation is meant to inspire the lives of children, empowering them to ask “Why Not?” and teaching them to never give up.

Working with children faced with hardships or adversity, “Why Not?” Foundation is teaching these kids tenacity and strength to follow through and stick through their most challenging times and to always believe in themselves. Supporting community based education and family service programs this foundation works as a multi functioning support system for these children and their families. Sort of home base they can rely on.

Russell Westbrook is a great example of remaining humble and giving back. Over the past holiday he was spotted shopping in a grocery store along with a mother of two and filling up a couple grocery carts full of groceries. Or the year before he was partnering with Barneys where they donated $5 for every tagged post with the #LovePeaceJoyProject with a few simple instructions for the pic. How about when he surprised a 13 year old boy for Christmas the year who was stuck with a bullet in a drive by shooting while riding his bike which caused him to become quadriplegic.

To speak on the humble side of Mr. Westbrook, he donated an “undisclosed” amount to UCLA who stated it was the largest donation ever received by a former Bruins basketball player. He didn’t seek accolades or want to be measured by the amount he donated because the cause and reason why he donated was far greater. The gesture made his donation “priceless”.


When an athlete from humble beginnings uses his celebrity status and remains humble and creates a foundation to inspire others to become successful and follow their dreams, we have to shed light on it!

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