Mallory’s Army is a movement started by the parents of 12 year old Mallory Rose Grossman, who became a victim of horrific bullying that unfortunately led her to take her own life on June 14, 2017. Through this tragedy Mallory’s Army was born, a movement to fight against bullying. Raising awareness to be kindness by wearing the color blue to “Blue out bullying” and wearing blue bracelets to support the “it’s a bracelet kind of life” motto. Mallory enjoyed wearing bracelets, so the blue bracelets aren’t just in honor of her but according to their Facebook:

“The blue bracelet reduces bullying AND shows that you are willing to be a voiceless for the meek. A recent study (2015) done by Princeton, Rutgers and Yale proved that a student wearing a brightly colored wristband curbed bullying by over 30 percent. (56 middle schools in New Jersey)”

“Today June 20th, we said our last and final goodbye to our youngest daughter…There really are no words for this new life. Kids say. YOLO “You only live once” Not true. You live twice… the life you live here and now. And the life lived after you are gone in your name. Mallory Rose Grossman will live twice..” ~Seth & Dianne Grossman~


The next time you wear blue, let that be a reminder that perhaps you can be a soldier for Mallory’s Army and fight against bullying and help raise awareness. Let it be a day that you take a stand everyday to consciously be kindness. Mallory Rose Grossman is still alive, in our hearts and in the message her army is spreading everyday. Through her tragedy a new day of triumph will emerge so that kindness will become the norm. A behavior that can be learned by everyone. A day when you look up to a blue sky and start your days filled with hope, love, and kindness.

Here at Don’t Stop The Talk, our hearts go out to Mallory and her family and to all families and people who have been victims of bullying, survivors, or have had to learn to cope with the death of a friend or relative.

If you are suffering from bullying or thoughts of suicide or know someone who is, reach out to your friends, family, anyone, you are not alone and let this be a reminder for you to know you are wanted and needed in this world. You can also CLICK HERE and find more info and resources on where you can go to for help.

Don’t Stop The Talk appreciates and supports movements like Mallory’s Army.

Remember, whenever you are out there in the world and hear positive news and good gossip, Don’t Stop The Talk!