On December 4th, 2017 the Thomas Fire ignited in Southern California, starting in Ventura County and moving it’s way through Santa Barbara County. The Thomas Fire was the largest wildfire in California history burning 281,893 acres, destroying 1,063 structures and damaging 280 more. Also forcing over 104,000 residents to evacuate. On December 14, 2017 one casualty occured, a fire engineer from San Diego County. 32 year old Cory Iverson passed from thermal injuries and smoke inhalation after being trapped by the fire, sadly taking him away from his pregnant wife Ashley Iverson and two year old daughter.

During this devastation Justin Bieber reached out in a post that he was going to do something to help the victims of the Thomas Fire:

21 days later Justin Bieber posted a painting on Instragram announcing ALL PROCEEDS GO TO WILDFIRES CA:

What I like about this is that Justin Bieber personally painted this piece so it had some heart and soul into it. To date he hasn’t announced what he is selling painting for or if it’s been sold but we are all waiting to find out what he is going to donate to the victims of the Thomas Fire.

It’s stuff like this we like to write about. Celebrities and their act of kindness.

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