J.J. Watts of the Houston Texans has stepped up tremendously by starting a funding page for the devastating catastropic damage and flooding caused by Hurricane Harvey, currently an active tropical cyclone tearing through Southeastern Texas. With a goal that began at $200,000 and quickly climbed to a current whopping $11.5 Million. J.J. Watts continues to prove that the people can come together and whether it’s a small $5 donation to a million, it does not matter. With over 100,000 donations so far, EVERY DOLLAR COUNTS! We definetely believe that J.J. Watts has built trust with the American people and will be making sure every dollar goes back to the people of Texas.

“The most difficult times bring out the best in humanity.” – J.J. WATT


Not only is Hurricane Harvey a record breaking cyclone to hit the U.S., it has proved to bring out record breaking numbers in donations from all around. Celebrities have started fund pages and are currently collecting donations accumulating in massive amounts into the millions and millions.

Don’t Stop The Talk goes crazy when charitable athletes and celebrities are able to use their status for the good in this world. Remember, whenever you are out there in the world and hear positive news and positive gossip, Don’t Stop the Talk!