Haircuts 4 Homeless Philadelphia barber Brennon Jones, inspired many when he set out on a mission to give out free haircuts to the homeless. On Monday, during the game between Philadelphia 76ers and the Charlotte Hornets, the 76ers held their 2nd Annual Barber Appreciation Night where over 100 barbers gathered to give free haircuts to unemployed 76ers fans. 76ers won the game beating the Hornets 108 – 94.

Amongst the barbers recognized that night was Brennon Jones. It was not too long ago that Mr. Jones was gifted his own salon by Sean Johnson. Sean Johnson originally offered Brennon Jones a job but was politely turned down because Brennon said he was much happier doing charity work. A local barbershop owner himself, Johnson was inspired to give back after a difficult past he finished barber school in prison and never forgot the chances people gave him. Realizing it would be difficult to give free haircuts in the winter, he found a barber shop a few doors down from his own, took Brennon Jones to it and said “It’s yours, no strings attached”.

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Presently Brennon Jones continues Haircuts 4 Homeless and dedicates Mondays for the homeless in his shop he named Phenomenom Perfections. In addition to free haircuts, Jones provides lunch, care kits, and free health care screenings.

Don’t Stop The Talk loves stories like this. This is what our Helping Hands is all about. Finding people like Brennon Jones, Sean Johnson and a local sports team like the Philadelphia 76ers to recognize and remind us there are great people in our country. Someone who helped Sean Johnson caused a pay-it-forward to help Brennon Jones and he will also continue to pay-it-forward. Now if we can just continue to get everyone to pay-it-forward then the world can be better one pay-it-forward at a time.

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