6 years old Eva Espinoza from Marysville, Washington was diagnosed with eye cancer at 18 months old and ultimately had to lose her eye to save her life. This sweet girl is the biggest fan of the rapper Fetty Wap. Her dream is to be a back up dancer for him one day. Her adoration of Fetty started a couple years ago when she found out that he was missing an eye just like her.  She heard in an interview that Fetty Wap doesn’t wear his prosthetic eye because he feels comfortable without it and that he is the same person with or without it.  That inspired Eva, giving her the courage to remove her prosthetic eye, she didn’t even bother putting her patch on most of the time. Eva went to Disneyland with her family, made possible by the Make A Wish foundation when her and her family were coming of the Star Wars ride and she noticed Fetty Wap and began crying hysterically.  While scanning the crowd looking for other members of the family, Eva’s mom, Becky, saw Fetty Wap.   She felt like this chance could not be passed up. They walked over to Fetty’s bodyguards and were asked to please leave him alone because he was there with his own kids and didn’t want any attention being drawn to him.  Becky started begging and telling them why she wanted to have Eva meet him. Fetty Wap was listening and told his group to let them come over so he could meet Eva.  He talked to her, picked her up and took a picture with her, and made her the happiest girl in the happiest place on earth. What an unforgettable memory for Eva and her family and a heroic move on Fetty Waps part!  This is not the only time Fetty has been an inspiration to others who have also lost an eye. His motto is “this is who I am and I have always been talked about  and knew how it felt to be picked on, the difference now is they are saying good things about the guy with one eye”.  And Congrats to Eva Espinoza on being cancer free for over 4 years now and we hope your dreams come true and you one day can become a back up dancer for Fetty Wap. Miracles do happen Eva. You’re a shining star.