Odds are most of us have experienced or know someone who has received a parking ticket. For the city of Lexington, Kentucky, parking violators are being given and inventive cool way to pay off their parking fines. Imagine being able to donate canned goods and start the year off with a clean slate. Well, that’s what Lexington offered parking violators by offering $15 credit for every ten 14-15 ounce of donated canned food. LexPay partnered with God’s Food Pantry for the second year. In 2014 they only gave credit to street meter citations, this year they extended it to all parking citations. Canned goods requested are nonperishable fruits, vegetables, proteins and peanut butter. Not accepting anything damaged, opened, or expired.

“In 2014, over 6,200 cans of food were handed to pay off more than 600 meter citations at a value of $14,500” – Gary Means, LexPark Executive Director

Mr. Means says they chose a “food for fines” approach after speaking to their board of directors, adding that they patterned their idea off of Boston, who has a “toys for tickets” program.

“One expired parking meter ticket could mean two meals for hungry Fayette County families.” – Marian Guin. God’s Food Pantry

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