The city of Detroit in union with non profit Cass Community Social Services has come up with a way to help the homeless become homeowners. By building tiny homes for $1 per square foot, a low income individual can pay rent on time for 7 years and will be given the opportunity to own the home and property. There are 25 tiny homes being built that range from 250-400 square feet. This means a low income person can own the home they are renting for $250-400 per month as long as they pay on time for 7 years.

In the video below you’ll meet Rev. Faith Fowler, Executive Director of CCSS who explains once the home is owned, it is worth $40,000-$50,000. This enables the individual to obtain traditional financing, or sell the tiny home, or leave it to their children for generations.

CLICK HERE to purchase the book “Tiny Homes in a Big City” and learn about the decisions and logistics involved with building Cass Tiny Homes and its innovative home ownership model.

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