Denise Fleming: Left pic is from Dublin Federal Prison and pic on right is a current photo taken while on vacation off the coast in Portofino, Italy

Denise Trigo Fleming, owner of Look Los Angeles Fashion PR. is sharing a story of hope and second chances. Mrs. Fleming in her own right has successfully worked her way to the top. Her book currently being shopped with publishers is titled “Dealing” Memoir of a Teenage QueenPin. “Dealing” is a word that describes a life of hussle, empowerment, struggle, resilience, inspiration and hope. We have all experienced or know someone that made mistakes and had to “Deal” with life. In her book she tells a story of being a young lady at 16 years of age and building a drug empire. It details her organization and the top clients she worked for, celebrities such as Robert Plant and Motley Crue that she partied with and her time in prison while sharing a cell with Heidi Fleiss.

“This book is about discovering yourself at the very rock bottom in your life and finding the strength to pick yourself up piece by piece and rebuild. It’s about “Dealing” with life and learning everything around you through the mistakes you made. A book about growing up and coming into your own and learning how to self love through the process.”- by Denise Trigo Fleming.

“Dealing” is about Second Chances. Mrs. Fleming courageously displays an unselfish act of vulnerability sharing her story with the world. Proving when you make mistakes in life, it’s never too late to start over. This book delivers a message that anyone can gain success and make their dreams come true.

Since overcoming her past and beating the odds, she has unselfishly and tirelessly given back to a non-profit organization called Women of Substance & Men of Honor. This organization provides an abundance of resources from the Bay Area to the Mexico border for young men and women ages 12-24, that have been formerly incarcerated or from the Foster Care system. Restoring hope and helping to save one youth at a time.

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Currently, Denise Trigo Fleming runs her successful fashion business and is married to a high level entertainment executive. Look Los Angeles Fashion PR allows designers to showcase their collections and stylists a place to hand pick through designer wardrobes for their celebrity client. Have a last minute red carpet event? This is the go-to fashion boutique for celebrity stylists. Providing the ability to dress your A list client from head to toe. Located in Beverly Hills on Melrose Place, this is the boutique you want to support knowing the inspirational come-back rags-to-riches story behind Denise Trigo Fleming.

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