LeSean McCoy AKA Shady NFL Running Back for the Buffalo Bills spent time with his grandparents and witnessed his grandfather take care of his grandmother who was suffering from advanced stages of ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis). Wondering how he could help, LeSean asked his grandfather who replied, “LeSean, I don’t want any money, nor do I need you to stay here and help with your grandmother’s care…but I do want you to do something that will help. I want you to use your NFL notoriety to raise money so that one day we can find a cure for ALS.”

After the passing of his grandmother in 2010 Shades of Greatness Inc., The LeSean McCoy Foundation was founded. In honor of his grandparents, LeSean has dedicated much of his time raising awareness and creating fundraisers towards a cure for ALS disease. ALS is also known as the Lou Gehrig’s Disease where the nerve cells break down reducing functionality in the muscles they supply. LeSean’s foundation provides education and assistance to families or individuals effected by ALS providing a sense of stability.

Whether it’s passing out free turkeys on Thanksgiving, giving gifts during the holidays, feeding the homeless, home run derby’s, cookouts, softball, basketball, providing uniforms or school supplies, Shades of greatness is active in the communities spreading awareness and raising funds.

This is what we love to write about. Thank you Shady for using you “NFL notoriety” and starting Shades of Greatness so that many can help support your cause and continue to honor your grandparents .

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