5 time World and International Boxing Champion Mia St. John has founded “El Saber Es Poder” (Knowledge Is Power) Foundation.  This foundation was created through the death of her son Julian, who passed at the young age of 24, an artist battling Schizophrenia and addiction. Julian’s father is actor Kristoff St. John of Y&R. Julian’s art was displayed at the Laguna Gallery of Contemporary Art and Air Laguna in Laguna Beach, California. Stone Art in Palm Springs, California is an art studio that was originally started by Julian. It’s a free center for young adults suffering from mental illness, including homelessness and addiction. Classes include art, boxing, yoga and meditation.

“He was the light of my life and I will continue to fight for mental health until I take my very last breath” – Mia St. John  Read more about Julian in Mia St. John’s article HERE

From speaking engagements to donations, TV Shows raising awareness, speaking engagements, to writing a book “The Knockout Workout” also paved the way for an holistic latino wellness program located at El Centro del Pueblo in Echo Park. Young latinos focus on five main components; physical, social, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual development.

“Boxing is simply a metaphor for life.  If you get knocked down, you get back up. Always look your opponent in the eye and face your fears. If you feel shy and scared in that ring, act as if, act as if you are strong and fearless because as the Buddha says, ‘What I think I become.’ Never give up, but know when to take another route. And for as many times as we fail in life, we will also succeed. Our defeats are just as important as our victories.” – Mia St. John

Through boxing “El Saber Es Poder” is able to help at risk youth focus on their fitness, nutrition, and mental toughness. According to their website, the goal of “El Saber Es Poder” is not to teach kids to be world boxing champions, but instead, to be world champions of life.

Through Mia St. John’s tragedy comes triumph as she tirelessly fights to save at risk youth. People from all backgrounds are helped with half of those being children. To donate and support this foundation CLICK HERE!

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