dont stop the talk

Don’t Stop the Talk is an entertainment news social media outlet that focuses on positive news and positive gossip. We believe in making the world a better place by spreading only positive and good news. From celebrities, athletes, non profit organizations to charities working hard to make a difference. Everyone here at Don’t Stop The Talk does their best to protect reputations, shine a light on the positive contributions that go unseen, in hopes to influence a trend of positive PR across the board.

Don’t Stop The Talk also reports about non-celebrity positivity and raises awareness about other important issues in our society. In building a family of positivity, we ask our viewers to become contributors by sending us stories, sharing our articles and posting our videos.

We want to be the social media go-to place for all that’s good in this world. And last we make sure to live by and leave our supporters with one simple motto, “Always remember, whenever you are out there in the world and hear positive news and positive gossip, Don’t Stop the Talk!”

Meet Roxy B

Rocketship Dreamer

Roxy B is a host with a dream.
Always wanting to create a social media outlet that strictly focuses on positive news in Entertainment, she formed a team to do exactly that. Being turned off by negative media but always being drawn by Celebrities and their ability to change the world, Roxy B saw potential in using the great charitable acts these celebrities do to actually bring positivity to the millions who follow their every move. At the age of 19, being a young mother, the dream of this show began to unfold in her head, but she had no way to materialize it into a reality. Noticing that people were more enamored by the negative news that most outlets reported, Roxy B wanted a way to showcase the positive things they were doing behind the scenes.

Roxy B wanted a way to show children, their friends, parents and family members that there was much more to these actors, actresses, musicians, athletes and social figures, than just their career paths and negative influences. Roxy B wanted to show that many make a huge difference, that their philanthropy can also be paths to strive  towards. Now, with a son in college, a daughter in middle school and the growth in social media, Roxy B has created Don’t Stop The Talk.

A web series, a web site, a blog and still a dream, to exist side by side with mainstream entertainment media, only now as your primary source for positive celebrity news. Thanks to her love for all things Entertainment, Roxy B has not only created a company, but a movement.

Rocketship Dreamer

“Rocketship Dreamer is a title I have given myself from a time I had nowhere to go and had to spend the night at the very top of an old playground Rocketship just to feel safe. It was in that Rocketship I had a conversation with God feeling scared and alone and made a promise to not allow the bad stuff in my life and the negative people to ever affect me. Knowing that as long as God had my back I would have his too. It is a moment so near and dear to my heart that I always carry with me to remind me to always shoot for my dreams and never give up and know that one day I will land. Until then, I will stay up high in the skies and keep flying!”