Four year old, named Liam Brenes from Rancho Santa Margarita, California had his prosthetic leg stolen on his first trip to the Crystal Cove Beach in Orange County. Liam and his dad were playing in the water for a couple hours and came back to find his leg had been stolen along with other items. His mother feared that a new leg could cost thousands of dollars and take several weeks to make. So Liam decided he would ask Santa for a new leg.What a sweetheart. After hearing the news two people jumped at the offer to help. Michael Metichecchia, who is an amputee himself and owner of Essential Orthotics and Prosthetics in Palmdale, CA offered a custom designed Ghostbusters prosthetic leg, Liams favorite!  Although it usually takes weeks to create a limb, Metichecchia and his team worked overtime to have it done within a few days. The Dr surprised the family and Liams reaction was priceless and his dad, Frank Brenes said “it felt like Christmas in July!” What a great surprise for this family but the helping hands didn’t stop there. Robert Herjavec from Shark Tank and Dancing with the stars had also offered to fund the price of the prosthetic leg for the boy. He was so touched by the boy’s story he told ABC 7 news,

“To think about everything this little boy has been through and with everything that is happening in the world with so much negativity, I just thought if i had the opportunity to make him grow up in an environment where he thinks there are some good people in the world…why not?”

So he did just that, less than 24 hours after getting married to his beautiful new bride Kym Johnson, Robert hosted a party for Liam to celebrate the little boy’s new Ghostbusters themed leg. Liam was overwhelmed with Ghostbusters gifts and toys as well as a surprise appearance by Noah Galloway who is also a double amputee Iraq War Veteran and competed on the same season of Dancing with Stars with Robert and Kym.  Roberts’ generosity didn’t end there. In addition to the party he offered a VIP tour and trip to Disneyland for Liam and his family.  Thank you to Michael Metichecchia and Robert Herjavec for lending a helping hand to this wonderful little boy and his family in their time of need.